Tools related to data gathering and analysis of Magic: The Gathering.
Updated 2024-05-06 15:06:45 +00:00
griddle is a program for practicing drawing using the Grid Technique.
Updated 2024-04-24 19:46:36 +00:00
My personal "dotfiles", i.e. the configuration files for the various programs I use regularly.
Updated 2024-04-10 13:55:19 +00:00
Updated 2024-04-07 11:49:18 +00:00
Some small Greasemonkey scripts I use to make watching Youtube videos more pleasant.
Updated 2024-03-27 13:50:01 +00:00
A Vim plugin to integrate smoothly with the `zk` command-line tool.
Updated 2024-02-17 13:21:06 +00:00
A command-line tool for managing a digital Zettelkasten. (
Updated 2023-12-19 12:14:47 +00:00
X Windows and tty keymaps for my 40% keyboard.
Updated 2023-12-19 11:06:25 +00:00
A CSS library for creating 3D Tarot cards.
Updated 2023-12-12 17:13:51 +00:00
nextfile is a small Lua library for generating the next file in a sequence of files. It was developed for use with tools that export sections of a video as images, and need to be able to name files sequentially without having generated all of the previous files themselves.
Updated 2023-12-12 16:45:25 +00:00
A collection of utility scripts not large enough to warrant a separate repository.
Updated 2023-12-10 16:51:18 +00:00
A collection of various Git hook scripts for different purposes.
Updated 2023-12-07 16:49:34 +00:00
The business website, located at:
Updated 2023-12-05 15:50:20 +00:00
A utility which activates a random `taskwarrior` task. (
Updated 2023-11-21 13:29:05 +00:00
The Book of Colors is an in-terminal manual on ANSI escape codes, or "color codes", for use in terminal emulators.
Updated 2023-11-20 21:15:02 +00:00
A tool for automatically syncing a local directory to a File Garden ( instance.
Updated 2023-11-20 20:54:24 +00:00
A collection of scripts and MPV plugins for extracting images from video files.
Updated 2023-11-20 20:44:01 +00:00